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Grass-fed goodness
New Tripoli, PA


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Specializing in grass fed Beef, Pork & Chicken

Raised on pasture and sunshine - no hormones or antibiotics

Rainbow farm is a sustainable farm which means we care for our land in natural ways to preserve it for future generations.  We are members of PASA - Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture and Buy Fresh, Buy Local.  Why buy your food outside Pennsylvania when you can get it fresher here, and support your local farmers and economy?

Our goal at Rainbow Farm is to raise high quality nutritious food. W
e do not use pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics. We raise Certified Naturally Grown chickens, beef, turkey and pork out on pasture which is rotated regularly.  The animals grow out in the sunshine, fresh air, and fresh pasture.  This is the way God intended our food source to be. Rainbow Farm raises its animals in what we consider "beyond organic" and invite you to visit our farm and see how we do it.

Warms Regards,

Steve and Leslie Schoeniger

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